Identifying Qualified Sellers
M & A Advisors of Florida is driven by the strategic goals of the Client. We work outside "the box" to achieve your goals by creating opportunities that never existed before. Only a small fraction of business for sale are listed with business brokers. M & A Advisors of Florida creates new opportunities by identifying companies that meet your strategic goals and persuading Decision-Makers to consider the benefits of your offer to buy or sell a business now.

Listing Qualified Sellers
Securing the commitment to sell
The decision to sell a business is usually the most significant economic decision a business owner will make in their lifetime. It encompasses the Owners family, employees, their net worth, estate, tax implications and a host of other issues. Under these circumstances many Sellers may have unrealistic expectations about the value of their business. The Advisor helps the Seller determine a realistic "Opinion Of Value" using 3-5 years of historical financial statements. Completion of a Seller's Listing Agreement initiates Phase III - Negotiation Process.

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Initial Disclosures
Buyer & Seller Qualifications
The initial disclosures between the Buyer and Seller will determine if there is mutual interest in pursuing a deal. The Buyer must establish credibility to the Seller's satisfaction by verifying the availability of funds. The Seller will attempt to interest the Buyer by providing:

  • Business overview
  • 3 years of financial statements & tax returns
  • Buyer/Seller conference
  • Seller may/may not state an asking price

Phase III - Negotiation - cont.