Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure
Protecting the Buyer & Seller
Before any confidential information is exchanged between the Buyer and Seller a Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed by the Buyer. This assures the Seller, a Buyer will not disclose confidential business information associated with the transaction. The Seller is also bound by similar terms within their Listing Agreement. The Advisor, acting as a Transaction Broker is required to provide limited confidentiality as prescribed by their agency relationship with the Buyer & Seller. View Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement
Qualifying the Buyer
Establishing credibility
Sellers must feel certain that a potential Buyer has been pre-qualified prior to disclosing any confidential information. Regardless of your financial position the Buyer must document the ability to fund the transaction. It is the Advisor's duty  to verify the Buyer's ability to finance the transaction. This is accomplished with either a signed Personal Financial Statement, bank letter of credit, or DUNS Report number. Verification of the Buyer's funds initiates the Disclosure Process. Refusal to verify funding terminates the process. View Personal Financial Statement

Define the Target
Qualifying the Seller
Finding suitable acquisition targets requires the Buyer to establish clear, specific criteria for their business investment which may include:
  • Industry segment
  • Product type
  • Sales
  • Geographic location
  • Years in business
  • Technology base
  • Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail or Service
  • Return On Investment
Phase II - Engagement - cont.