M & A Advisors of Florida  conducts business valuations, add on acquisitions, mergers and appraisals


Our Mission:

Helping Business Owners & Private Investors

Acquire & Exit Successful Middle-Market Businesses

Pursuing transactions valued from $1,000,000 - $25,000,000.   

A research based approach for buying & selling businesses

Whether you are a Business Owner or Private Equity Group  the goal is the same; identify a corresponding management team that shares a common interest in acquiring or exiting a business. We accomplish this by investing time, resources and industry research to identify Decision-Makers ready, willing and able to complete a merger or acquisition that achieves your business goals.


The Business Acquisition Process
Before buying or selling a business the Advisor and Client define the

M&A Project Goals. This process results in the Advisor drafting either a Buyer's Representation Agreement or a Seller Listing Agreement.


Buyer's Representation Agreement Seller's Listing Agreement
  • Defines the Buyer's acquisition criteria enabling the Advisor to identify potential acquisition targets
  • Defines the length of the assignment
  • Includes confidentiality agreement
  • Establishes an exclusive or non-exclusive relationship
  • Details the Advisors compensation when not paid by Seller.
  • Optional retainer agreement
  • Buyer must sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Describes an offer to sell a business
  • Provides selling price and acceptable terms
  • Price should be based on a business appraisal/valuation
  • Includes Broker's compensation terms
  • Exclusive Right of Sale enables co-brokering
  • Normal term is 6-12 months
  • Prospective buyers must sign confidentiality agreements


Role of the Merger & Acquisitions Advisor

  • Identify Decision-Makers that facilitate the Client's business goals

  • Educate Clients about the Business Acquisition & Exit Planning Process

  • Facilitate the business valuation process

  • Perform transaction related tasks that facilitate the process

  • Disclose know facts that affect the value of the transaction

  • Maintain limited confidentiality between the Buyer & Seller

  • Encourage the Parties to respect the confidentiality of the process

  • Act as an emotional buffer between the Buyer and Seller

  • Prepare and present offers to the Seller on behalf of the Buyer

  • Facilitate a mutually beneficial outcome between the Parties.

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